Baking recipes, Rome and life

My dear friend,

You know how it’s strange that every time I want to bake something and I look up the recipe, there are like dozens of different ones available. It’s frustrating, because I would like google or youtube to give me just one. One that surely is going to be a success. And it’s surprising to see that all the recipes work. The beautiful evidence is there, on photos and on camera. So it’s even more depressing when I try to make it and it just…fails. So there are dozens of recipes for just one thing and they apparently all seem to work, so why can’t I make it to Rome, when there are so many roads leading to it? It’s frustrating.

So the next time I write down what I think went wrong, alter the recipe and try again. And I just keep tweaking the recipe until one day, the project succeeds. The result is that I end up with a recipe that’s different from all the others. One that’s mine, one that works for me. Funny isn’t it? Maybe this is the reason why there were so many recipes in the first place.

So I was thinking, life…it’s just like it. Certain things that work for someone else might not necessarily be the right thing for you. It all comes down to trial and error, until you find the right recipe, your own recipe. Just remember what went wrong and keep trying until you get it right. That’s why everyone has his or her own path to travel. All roads do lead to Rome, you just need to find the one that’s yours.

Just sharing my random thoughts with you my friend, hope you don’t mind. (I just got from recipe research to life philosophy HA!)

I hope you are well dear friend.

Take care,


First letter

My dear friend,

We’ve known each other for a long time, but It’s the first time I’m writing you a letter like this.

I want to tell you about a recent change in my life. After four years of working in a hospital as a doctor, I decided to quit. You might wonder why in the world I would do something like this, I understand. Being a doctor is something wonderful and sacred. And with that thought, the possibility of helping hundreds of people, I put in a lot of effort to become one. But as you may have noticed, I’ve been quite unhappy the last few years because of my job. It’s hard to say what exactly made me unhappy. I guess there are lots of reasons. I won’t bore you with the details, maybe some other time. The decision to quit a job or maybe even an identity (because that’s what being a doctor is) is a very very hard one. I tried everything to make it work, I struggled, denied. I thought I was being weak and ungrateful, that I failed and that everyone would be disappointed in me. So it took me months or even years to come to this point. The point where I make peace with myself and realize that maybe, just maybe, this job is just not right for me. Nothing more, nothing less. And I have to be honest, it’s incredibly scary. It’s scary to turn your back on something so safe and familiar.

So my dear friend, these upcoming days I will try to keep my head up and be strong. I’m going to be brave, brave enough to take control of my own happiness, even if it means stepping into uncertainty.

Wish me luck. Hope you are healthy and happy.

Lots of love,